Senior Alert Systems Benefits

A constant among all human beings is the desire for freedom and dignity and as we’ll see, these are also senior alert systems benefits. What most senior citizens desire beyond seeing that their loved ones are prosperous and healthy is that they themselves do not become an emotional or financial burden on their loved ones. The best way for them to achieve this goal is for them to remain independent in their own homes.

What often occurs is that a spouse will die and effectively leave a senior to live alone. Even as a couple, many seniors would be in a difficult situation if a spouse were to experience a fall or a medical emergency. Determining the severity of the situation and knowing whom to contact can sometimes be challenging and confusing for the elderly. This many times causes seniors to reluctantly resign themselves to being moved to assisted living arrangements often well before they are ready or truly require such arrangements.

What examined more closely, the limiting factors that prevent many otherwise capable seniors from living alone and unassisted is fear and a general lack of confidence among themselves and their loved ones. What is Mom should slip in the kitchen and not be able to get to a phone or what would Dad do if he was experiencing chest pains and couldn’t call 911? All of these fears are quite justified; however, they don’t need to be the end of independent living for many seniors.

The more productive questions to be asking in these situations is “is there a way that Mom or Dad could have ready access to emergency help if they needed it?” and “how do other seniors in similar circumstances manage to continue to live alone without unnecessary anxiety?” The answer may be as simple as taking a look at senior alert systems benefits:

  • Peace of mind and confidence that help is only a button press away
  • Being able to speak to either an operator or loved one when you’re afraid or confused
  • Ability to take some systems with you when traveling or otherwise away from home for longer periods
  • Waterproof pendants and wristlets that provide piece of mind when in the shower or bath where many slips and falls occur for the elderly
  • Assistance with a wide range of medical issues such as heart attack, stroke, or medication errors

The first step in deciding if a senior is a good candidate for a senior alert system is to perform an Independent Living Assessment. Many manufacturers of alert systems provide these on their Websites. You can also put together your own assessment. You must honestly and objectively evaluate your current physical condition making careful note of medications and severity of any diseases or conditions. Cognitive health is an important condition to honestly assess. Despite good overall physical health, seniors experiencing dementia or various stages of Alzheimer’s disease may not be good candidates for independent living. In the end, only you and your loved ones with the guidance of your healthcare providers can make the proper assessment.

As we’ve seen, senior alert systems benefits are numerous and can truly make the difference between continuing to live in the familiar surroundings of your own home and needing to ultimately make the transition into assisted living. When you’re ready to purchase a senior alert system, be sure to read our reviews here on the site.


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